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Stacey L. Cartlidge


Hi, thanks for visiting! You’ve reached the site for Stacey L. Cartlidge, the authoress and creator for all things Heart Candy Books! Heart Candy Books is a unique and diverse line of children’s books for those who enjoy fun and original stories.

Stacey began writing Heart Candy Books in 2017 and is so pleased to be able to share her creations with you. They were an absolute joy to write and she’s hopeful that you find that same joy in reading them.


The name HEART CANDY BOOKS was created from a variety of ideas.

She has always loved the quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “What comes from the heart, reaches the heart.”

She believes when love-filled actions are done genuinely and wholeheartedly, no matter how small, it reaches the heart and resonates there with all the positivity that was intended.

Stacey is also a lover of LOVE and sweets; sum it all up and you’ve got what she likes to call “sweet reads” from her heart to yours, Heart Candy Books.

Each story involves a lesson of some sort, they rhyme from cover to cover and all the books that feature human characters are always inclusive of diverse characters. It was important to her to include characters of different races because she believes all ethnicities are equally important and it’s important that children are able to witness unity of humankind as often as possible.

The illustrators for each book were carefully handpicked by the authoress to help convey the images that matched the look and style that she wanted to portray for her readers.

Stacey’s first release, “What’s in the Green Grass?” was illustrated by Jade Manchett. This is a sweet story that targets little listeners, ages 7 and under. In this book the authoress’ characters were brought to life by way of beautiful watercolor paint. It includes animals and insects that you’d find…you guessed it: in the green grass! This story helps the readers to count to ten and it helps them to learn about different animals, insects, flowers, and food!

The illustrator Kholis Je helped to bring Stacey’s imaginings to life in both, “The Bubble Gum Boys” and “Mixed Nuts“. With each of these books, Stacey hoped to draw her readers and listeners in with bright, intricate images and fun filled text. Although these books target readers ages 11 and under, she believes the story line appeals to anyone who can appreciate a good story, readers of all ages, adults included!


It was of great importance to Stacey to make the books available for all book lovers. For this reason, the books are priced affordably at $9.99 each. But aside from this, some of the titles are available at her local library to be checked out, free of charge. “The Bubblegum Boys” is available now at The Redford Branch Library in Detroit, MI.


Stacey was born in Mississippi, but she moved to Detroit with her family when she was a child and has had the pleasure of living in various areas throughout the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

Highlights of her childhood involved going to the library, spending time with her family and friends, and creating things. In a way, her interests are primarily the same.

She still enjoys spending time with her family and nurturing her own children’s love for books. She’s also still in touch with her creative side. In her spare time, she enjoys styling natural hair for clients at the Alotta Locs Hair Suite and enhancing the homes and workspaces of others with items from her online interior decor store, Stace Your Space.

She also enjoys giving back to the children within the community. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization, The P.A.N.T.R.Y. House. Stacey is all for providing the “Positive Achievements Needed To Restore the Youth.” If you or someone you know needs assistance with school supplies, please reach out to The Pantry House team via email: [email protected]

Website: FB: The Pantry House IG: the_pantry_house

For opportunities to collaborate with Stacey on a project, or to simply say, “Hello”, feel free to reach out to the authoress via email: [email protected]

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Reading is fundamental and it’s fun for the mental!”